Managing apartment complexes isn’t easy for many property owners, and for many the properties are only a small portion of their business. But at IC Property Management, we strive to make things simpler by providing owners with a positive experience by providing hands on property management services without forcing owners into long term contracts. By sticking with month to month contracts, we hold ourselves accountable month after month. We keep expenses low with in-house service and fast responses to any requests. We check applicants to assure quality renters. And we maintain contractor relationships in order to help owners keep up with any needed updates.

Over the years, we have become highly familiar with building code requirements and contractors to keep costs down by limiting the need for extra labor and materials. We’re also proud of our communication policies. We maintain a bi-lingual office and an open door where owners are free to come examine and files or records at any time. It is this kind of commitment and transparency that has allowed us to maintain relationships with property owners over the long term even with a short contract.

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